The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2010 in Brooklyn

The Time Traveler's Knife
Brave time travelers take man's first tentative steps into the future, but before they can see the future, they will have to iron out the knots of the past.

Start Time: Sunday June 6 at 12 PM
Location: Green-Wood Cemetery
# of players: 40
Duration: 3 hours

As players, you will divide into 5 teams of Chrono-nauts from five different timelines. Each team member will have a specific role on the team. You will travel through Green-Wood Cemetary to different time-periods, discovering what went wrong, and what went right. In the end, itíll be up to you to decide the fate of the future! This game will have a specific start-time and will end roughly 3 hours later. All ages welcome!

Designers: Andy Ashcraft, Jessica Hammer, Rizwan Kassim
Andy Ashcraft has been designing Live Role-Playing games for Enigma, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club of UCLA for over 20 years. He is also a professional game designer, having worked for 7th Level, Visual Concepts, Sony, THQ and now works freelance under his own company, Giantsdance Games. Hire him! He lives in sunny southern California with his lovely and talented wife, stand-up comic Jackie Kashian, and their iguana, Tiberius Drackus.

Jessica Hammer is a Ph.D. candidate in cognitive studies at Columbia University, a founding member of the Teachers College EGGPLANT game research laboratory and a member of the Creativity Research Group. She is the lead designer and researcher for the Advance game project, on which she is writing her dissertation. Her larger research interests include stories, games, communities, gender, creativity and learning. She also developed the game design course sequence for the Communications, Computing and Technology program at Teachers College Columbia University. Before joining the department, Jessica worked as a writer, consultant and game designer with an emphasis on serious games and social software. She has taught at NYUís Interactive Telecommunications Program, consulted for both academic and business clients, and worked at noted New York game company Gamelab. She received a masters degree in interactive telecommunications from NYU and her BA in computer science from Harvard University. In her free time, she runs an experimental storytelling group in New York City.

Rizwan Kassim is an engineer, a photographer, a casual economist and a philomath. He currently is Chief Technology Officer at Hometown Telecom. He's worked on gaming interfaces for uWink, an interactive restaurant chain, and runs an annual gaming convention, Metacon. He has been running Live Games since 2007 with Enigma, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Club at UCLA.