The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2010 in Brooklyn

Spirits & Sonnets
A massively multiplayer dueling, drinking and singing game

Start Time: Saturday June 5 at 9 PM after Panel
Location: Brooklyn Lyceum
# of players: Up to 100
Duration: 30 mins to 1 hour

Each Player will be given a badge holder with all the necessary game items as they enter the party. The items include:

  • A character card. This will contain the player's team affiliation and a space for the player to create and fill in their game name. ex. "The Incredible Funk", "Max Power", etc.
  • A limerick, players will be required to "sing" their limerick at points in the game
  • 15 weapon cards
  • A single "dot" sticker in the color of the player's team affiliation

In addition to this, each player will be given a tiny plastic shot glass.

Each player will be assigned a team based on the character card they draw. Teams will include "Pirate Nation", "The Middle Earthians", "The Skywalkers" and "The Atomic Supermen".

Core Gameplay
Two players from opposing teams challenge each other to duel. The duels will be fought using the weapon cards. Weapon cards contain the following symbols: sword, axe, and bow in 4 colors. Bow beats Sword, Sword beats Axe and Axe beats Bow. Each player will shuffle their cards and place the top 7 cards in their hand the rest of the cards are left in a reserve stack next to the player. The duel begins with the player with the loudest voice or the least trophies (dots) on his badge. He throws down one or more weapon cards of the same type and color into a pile between the players. If the opposing player can match or beat the top weapon card(s) in the pile with superior weapon card(s), all of the same color, the game continues. Players can raise the stakes by increasing the number of identical weapon cards they throw into the pile. Anytime before throwing cards into the pile, players can replenish their hands from their reserve stack to a total of 7 cards. If the player cannot beat what's in the pile, he loses the round. The winner of the round adds the pile to the bottom of their current reserve stack. The loser of the round takes the top card from his reserve stack and starts a new duel. If the loser pulls a weapon card with a tequila bottle on its face, the loser must take a drink. If the card has a picture of Shakespeare they must sing one of the limericks from their badgeholder. If the loser has no pile, they simply place a card from their hand and don't need to sing or drink. Play continues until one player is holding all the cards. The loser must give him their colored dot. The winner will display the dot on his badge as a trophy of honor. In addition, the loser must give the winner all of his limericks. The winner must return 15 cards to the loser by shuffling the cards and handing over the first 15 cards.

If a player has lost all their weapon cards they are out of the game.

There are two forms of victory, team victory and individual victory. Team Victory will be determined by how many trophies the team has collected. Individual victory will be awarded to the last player standing. Prizes will be awarded.

Designers: Nik Mikros
Nik is a New York based game designer and developer. Nik leads the indie game studios SMASHWORX and Tiny Mantis Entertainment.