The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2010 in Brooklyn

Ex Arcana
Battlestations: Brooklyn!

Start Time: Saturday June 5 at 12 PM
Location: Old Stone House
# of players: 20
Duration: 3 hours

Around one hundred years ago, the light of magic sputtered and died. The noble forces of the Arcanum- an ancient order of mystical cavaliers led by such luminaries as Harry Houdini, A.E. Waite, Abraham VanHelsing, and Marie LaVeau- was beset on all sides by the forces of Aleister Crowley's Ministry of Oathbreakers, an unholy alliance of insane magicians. Unable to reconcile the horror of a future in which Crowley's Ministry controls the forces of reality, the Arcanum used Nicola Tesla's Doomsday weapon to stop the flow of magic into our world for one hundred years. Ten thousand of the Arcanum's most respected Magistrates stepped into the SoulVault, vowing to return and bring the light of magic back to the Earth when the threat was abated.

That was 1908.

Now it's 2010, and the Magicians are back, bringing magic, monsters, and mayhem back into a world full of brash young Guttersnipes with no understanding of how to wield such strange powers. In the Aetherspace above Brooklyn, something stirs- and the Arcanum have recuited you to join them in an Aethership Journey into the skies to do battle with this mystical Horror. Ex Arcana is a new kind of RPG.You will take part in a live-action steampunk adventure as the crew of the Aethership Tesla’s Hammer, which you will pilot against all manner of otherworldly horrors to defend the city! Costuming is encouraged, and a good sense of humor is required.

Designers: Joshua Brain Jaffe, Megan Dawson Jaffe, Sean Benjamin Jaffe, Matthew Volk
Joshua Brain Jaffe
Josh is a consummate jack-of-all-trades, having worked as a musician, graphic designer, clothing designer, and game designer, just to name a few. His first love, however, is music. His band, The SmashUp, just released a new album "The Sea and The Serpents" beneath. A Brooklyn native, Josh’s interests also include biking, skateboarding, and the neverending search for the perfect hat.

Megan Dawson Jaffe
Megan is a costume builder for NYU and was one of the playtesters on (and inhabitants of) the original Chez Geek. She's an avid gamer and an expert on both Tom Waits and H.P. Lovecraft, whom she is convinced may have collaborated in the past. She specializes, obviously, in costuming, although she has a gift for research and story as well. She is awesome and tiny, and can survive for several months on a single meal, like a python.

Sean Benjamin Jaffe
Sean has been in game design for almost fifteen years, and has contributed to several game lines including Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Changeling: The Dreaming, Wyrd is Bond, Underworld, and his own creation, The Last Exodus. In recent years, he's done script work for Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures, and currently works as a writer and designer for game companies like Griptonite and Vogster Entertainment. He lives in Jersey City with his wife, Megan, their dog Josie, and at least a dozen more projects than he actually can complete. He spends his spare time with toys, games, and a general sense of confusion.

Matthew Volk
Matt Volk has a decade of LARP style GM experience writing and working for the New Jersey gaming scene. An accomplished industrial designer and writer, he has worked on include Knight Realms, Wild Gazebo's "Svaha" and the newly written "Frontier 7" on which he served as lead writer. As an extensive fan of classic fantasy, spaghetti western scifi and neo-victorian clockpunk, Matt's palette for painting a game's landscape is quite expansive. Matt hails from Philly, where he has tamed and harnessed the power of real-live laser for his own nefarious purposes.