The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2010 in Brooklyn

CounterSquirt: Night-Ops
A squad-based game of water gun tactics.

Start Time: Friday June 4 at 10 PM
Location: Brooklyn Lyceum
# of players: 40
Duration: 50 minutes

CounterSquirt is a squad-based game of water gun tactics. Plunge into the heat of the night and prepare to get wet!

Each team starts off with a set of small water gun pistols and two walkie talkies. Your mission: Find and escort the Traitor, the Informant and most importantly the Scientist to safety. You'll find them waiting on bridges, drinking in dive bars and lurking around corners.

However, know this: Your team isn't the only one looking for these VIPs. You'll have to run a gauntlet of ambushes that other teams may have set up for you.

But don't worry you aren't stuck with that tiny water pistol. You can upgrade your arsenal by cashing in kills for more powerful water guns.

Sneak and creep under the cover of night. Be careful: If you get shot you'll have to return to the HQ to grab a new armband before you can jump back into the fray.

Designers: Mattia Romeo and Greg Trefry from Gigantic Mechanic
Gigantic Mechanic mackes games that connect people and places through play. From iPhone games like Gigaputt that uses GPS to turn your neighborhood into a golf course to lo-fi action games like CounterSquirt, Gigantic Mechanic make games that reveal your world in a new playful light.