The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2010 in Brooklyn

What just happened!

Start Time: Saturday June 5 at 1 PM
Location: Brooklyn Lyceum
# of players: 8
Duration: 30 minutes. Game will be played in 3 rounds. Each round takes about 10 minutes.

Let's do analog Twitter offline!

BIGTWEET is a game that people see some video which has situation to write a tweet, then they have to create to write the most suitable sentence to express the situation in analogue instead of web.

Players think about a suitable sentence to express the situation in 30 letters.

They look for alphabet in big keyboard for writing the sentence, then they have to be done to put alphabet in big tweet's wall in time.

After writing the sentence completely, all 4 teams have to select a team writes the most suitable & great sentence, exclusive of own team.

Every play lasts about 10 min.

Designers: BIG GAME TEAM
Tae-Yoon Jung,
Ji-In Ahn
Yoo-Jin Seo
Ye-ri Kim
Kang Son
Jin-Hyeock Kim
Jin-Hyeong Kim