The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2010 in Brooklyn

Battle of Brooklyn
Battle in hand-to-flag combat to conquer the park

Start Time: Sunday June 6 at 1 PM
Location: Prospect Park - meet at the Boathouse terrace facing the pond
# of players: 30-40
Duration: 1 hr

The Battle of Brooklyn is a game about territorial conquest inspired by the revolutionary battle that that took place in Prospect Park. The redcoat or bluecoat armies are battling for control of the park and the future of our country.

In preparation for war, each army is looking to enlist fifteen (15) to twenty (20) honorable men and women. Both armies are organized into three regiments. Each regiment has at least five soldiers, a flag, and a map that the identifies the strategic territories they must conquer and defend.

Each soldier has four lives, represented by four flags attached to their belts. In hand-to-flag combat, soldiers fight to steal these life flags from enemy combatants. Captured life flags are attached to each regiments' flagstaff and are crucial for conquering territory.

To conquer territory, an army must take a picture of a full regiment in a strategic location posing with their nation's flags. The picture must then be delivered in person to the strategic battlefield command. The number of captured life flags featured in each picture determines which army holds a territory. Therefore, armies can conquer territories from one another throughout the battle.

If a soldier looses all four of his/her life flags, s/he must return to the infirmary to recuperate. At the infirmary soldiers that have lost all life flags can get new ones by trading-in life flags their army has captured from the opposing army.

That army that holds the most territories at the end of the game will emerge victorious and take all the glory.

Designers: Julio Terra, Morgen Fleisig
Julio Terra is a student at the Interactive Telecommunications Program with a background in interactive media and marketing. He is currently enrolled in a Big Games class that explores street games. On a personal level he enjoys exploring how mobile technology enables people to experience the physical world in new ways by connecting and blurring the line between physical and digital worlds.

Morgen Fleisig is also a student at the Interactive Telecommunications Program with a background in architecture, and currently enrolled in the same Big Games class with Julio. He is especially interested in the manner in which we extend ourselves into the world and reshape it, and what strategies and technologies we employ to do so.