The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2009 in New York

A GPS-driven cat-and-mouse game of ambushes, paranoia and scandalous photos.

Start Time: Saturday June 13 at 3-4 PM
Location: Shubert Alley between 8th Ave & Broadway at 45th St
# of players: 30-40 in teams of 3-4
Duration: 1.5 hour
Required: Players must bring a cameraphone or digital camera
URL: &
Designers: David Fono, Kate Raynes-Goldie & Emily Kornblut

In Paparazzi, players (in teams of 3-4) act out the age old battle between the camera-wielding paparazzi and the celebrities they stalk. As celebrities, players must be quick and clever in order to steer clear of shutterbugs. As paparazzi, they must be sneaky and organized. Will there be scandals? You bet. Will there be awkward photos of stunned-looking people, faces contorted, arms flailing wildly? Most certainly!

At the start, a few random players are assigned the role of celebrity, and the rest become the paparazzi. The celebrity's goal is simple: to make it to a variety of party spots appearing and disappearing throughout the city. However, their positions are being tracked by the paparazzi. The paparazzo's goal is get a good shot of a celebrity, using their digital camera or cameraphone. But a good photo can't be produced by aimlessly chasing after celebrities. The paparazzi must use their technological edge to setup ambushes: the seemingly innocent bystander blending in with the crowd; the cunning cameraman waiting just around the corner, ready to pounce. When a celebrity falls to a camera, the paparazzo wielding it takes the celebrity's place. The battle is neverending!

To play this game, you must bring your own cameraphone or digital camera.

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Bio: Atmosphere Industries: David Fono & Kate Raynes-Goldie
David is a 5000-year old robot who uses his mad tech skills to produce compelling game experiences, because he believes in the power of fun. He has an MSc in human-computer interaction from University of Toronto, has published several papers on topics like LiveJournal and mobile multimedia, and has worked at Microsoft Research, the Human Media Lab at Queen's University, and in rural Nigeria. Kate is an an online community expert with over a decade of internet experience. She has been involved in community building with organisations such as TakingITGlobal, and has shared her experiences at an awful lot of conferences and in a whole bunch of publications. She is currently a PhD candidate at Curtin University of Technology in Australia.

As Atmosphere Industries (, they have created a variety of pervasive games, including: a Bluetooth/SMS/phone-driven puzzle hunt / radio play distributed across Perth, Australia; an ambient Twitter game played at an Australian web conference; and a massive 2-week alternate reality game played throughout Toronto.

Bio: Emily Kornblut
Emily ( is a Brooklyn-based nonprofit and education technology consultant. Rooted in her belief that people learn best by doing and discovering, she has designed and facilitated learning experiences in a range of settings, including summer camp, international exchange, after-school, online school, and social media-based environments. Emily is providing logistical support for Paparazzi.

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