The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2009 in New York

Groove Moove
A NYC dance off

Start Time: Saturday June 13 at 8 PM
Location: Times Square, Exact Location TBA
# of players: 2-10
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Designers: Tracy Gromek, Subalekha Udayasankar, Chloe Varelidi

Groovers and Moovers are disabled since the death of dancing in the streets, please help them cross the streets by dancing with them.

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The Rules

  • Team Speaker Bands & Team Color Bands
  • The Best Playlist Ever - Corresponding music for each Moove and Groove card downloaded to players' iphones, ipods, etc. before play commences.
  • There are two types of cards, both types have a music track number and ask pedestrians to help players cross the street by dancing with them to or like a specific move or person.
  • Mooves Cards: Famous Dances (ie. the macarena, YMCA, conga line, electric slide)
  • Grooves Cards: Famous individuals who are known for their dance moves (i.e. Michael Jackson, Madonna, Mc Hammer, Elvis)
  • Referees - one for each team; they also act as people who cheer, take pictures or invite onlookers to join

Collect the most points by capturing the pedestrian light poles (corner bases) at the 4 corners of 42nd and 7th Ave in Times Square before your opponents do by getting passerbys to dance you across the street while the green pedestrian light is on.

Two teams, each composed of 2-4 players, start at the same corner base. Mix the cards and deal each team 7 cards. Each team chooses a card, cues up the corresponding track on their ipod, and tries to get pedestrians to dance with them in that style across the street. Play continues in a clockwise manner. Teams may only use a card to cross a street one time. After the card has been used it is discarded (given to the referee).

Winning condition
The game ends when a team has crossed the street four times, reaching the starting corner base. The team who has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Capturing a Corner Base = 2 points 1 additional point for each person that danced you across the street

Bio: Tracy Gromek, Subalekha Udayasankar, Chloe Varelidi
Tracy Gromek is a Game & Curriculum Designer at the Institute of Play (IoP) and teaches in the D+T Graduate Program at Parsons. She also designs and builds interactive games using physical elements and computer vision for television and museums through her company, Electronic Bohemia, and works on new projects for FiiWA, her internationally award-winning line of physical games for individuals with visual and/or physical impairments.

Subalekha Udayasankar designs. Mundanity inspires her (a lot). She is also an engineer & computer scientist. She has a dog named Panther and they both love living in New York. She is a trained bharathanatyam dancer and a bad singer. Her dream is to make her own hot air balloon and fly 1000 kilometers in it.

Chloe Varelidi is a multimedia artist who designs games, spaces and narratives for cities, plants, far away lands, children and grown ups. She is part of the IoP team in New York working with youth and engaging in the development of innovative tools that embrace game design as an agent of learning and change. Chloe is also part time faculty at Parsons. In her free time she loves to dance, ride her bike, and play backgammon.

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