The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2009 in New York

Empress Kiki's Intergalactic Cocktail Party
Solve occultic mysteries, interact with eccentric characters, and shop for the perfect outfit ... all to sneak into the most exclusive party in the Universe.

Start Time: Friday June 12 at 4 PM
Location: Times Square, Exact Location TBA
# of players: 30-70
Duration: 3-4 hours
Designers: Fever

Empress Kiki's Interagalactic Cocktail Party is an irreverent, whimsical, and bizarre adventure through the esoteric underbelly of New York City filled with aliens, magic, and the occult.

Empress Kiki is throwing one of her amazing parties somewhere in NYC. In order to get in you need to find out where it will be held, what to wear, who to know, and how to bribe the bouncer. Travel around NYC interacting with a cast of characters, solving occultic puzzles and accomplishing great feats, constructing the perfect couture outfit with the right accoutrements, and you'll be ready to trick the bartender into letting you in the party.

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Teams of 3-5 players. Cell phones recommended for play.

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