The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2008 in New York

Wiffle Hurling MV
Wiffle Hurling with musical momentum

Start Time: Friday June 6 at 4-6 PM
Location: Sara D Roosevelt Park Soccer Field, Rivington and Chrystie St
# of players: 16 on the field at all times (2 teams of 8)
Duration: 1 hour
Designers: Tom Russotti, The Institute for Aesthletics

Wiffle hurling is a modified version of the Irish sport of hurling played with Wiffle bats and balls. Wiffle Hurling MV adds musical instruments to the mix, where players use instruments and sounds( as well as the bats) to try to beat their opponents.

The Rules
Wiffle Hurling:

  1. Teams of 6-9 players compete to try to put a softball sized Wiffle ball into a soccer goal.
  2. There is a crease, a semi circular area about 6 yards in radius in front of the goal where attacking players cannot enter
  3. Each field player has a wiffle ball bat with which to move the ball. He or she can hit the ball to another player or can dribble the ball on the stick while moving around the field. Players may not move with the ball if they are not dribbling.
  4. Players may catch the ball with their hands but may not throw nor kick the ball at any time.
  5. Defense is similar to basketball, defenders try to impede progress of the offensive team but cannot hit players directly. Defenders cannot steal the ball from a dribbler while he or she is dribbling.
  6. A foul results in a free ball at the site of the foul.
  7. Out of bounds on the sidelines results in a two handed throw in. On the goal lines- for offense: a corner play-in using the wiffle bat. For defense: goalie ball.
  8. Play is 60 minutes
  9. Overtime is sudden death. Penalty shootouts afterwards if necessary. In a penalty shootout one player shoots against the goalie from the top of the crease.

MV Version:
Each team has two goalies. The goalies each have a musical instrument with which they must defend the goal. Each field player must carry an instrument or noisemaker of some kind. They can use the instrument in any way except: hitting an opponent, throwing the instrument, inserting the instrument into any orifice (with or without consent)

Bio: Tom Russotti
Tom is the founder and president of Thriftbaskets, when you don't care to send the very best.

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