The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2008 in New York

Ravenchase Adventures

Start Time: Saturday June 7 at 7 PM
Location: Bluestockings, 172 Allen St (between Stanton and Rivington)
# of players: 200
Duration: 3.5 to 4 hours
Designers: Ravenchase Adventures - President & Creator Josh Czarda; Northeast Regional Directors - Robert & Kristine Jenner

Ravenchase Adventuresí signature adventure races are a mix between the Amazing Race, the DaVinci Code, and National Treasure. Teams are armed with a handmade treasure map and 5-6 challenging clues and may travel in any direction around New York City. Solving puzzles and breaking codes and ciphers with the help of gadgets and cipher wheels, teams race against each other and the clock to find a secret end location where fabulously tacky prizes are awarded to the top three teams.

Ravenchase Adventures has been running adventure races for over 3 years throughout the world. Each event is entirely unique, thus no event is ever repeated

The Northeast branch of Ravenchase Adventures has run events throughout NYC, including Central Park, Downtown, Greenwich Village, and a Subway race. However, events have been held throughout the U.S. and overseas, including Philadelphia, Princeton, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond, Nashville, Atlanta, Hawaii, Paris, and Brisbane.

The Rules

  • Teams are made of 2-6 players. All members must stay together or risk disqualification.
  • Players may complete clues in any order. Once all the clues are solved, they will lead to the final end location.
  • All answers must be completed and correct. If an answer is incorrect there will be a 20 minute time penalty.
  • During the course of the race, if a team can not solve the answer to a clue, they may call to receive the correct answer, but will receive a 20 minute time penalty. If a team calls for more than 2 answers, they will not be eligible to place.
  • Bonus Clues: These clues will not assist in finding the final location and if solved they will be 20 minutes taken off the total race time.
  • If after four hours no team has finished, participants will be informed of the final location. The team with the most answers completed will win.
  • The top three teams will be awarded prizes.
  • Sabotage will result in immediate disqualification, although clever trickery is always welcome. Sabotage may include defacing a clue that other teams will need to visit or taking additional supplies.
  • Administers of the race have the final word on any discrepancies.
  • Teams must have at least one cell phone in which administers of the race may reach if necessary.

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