The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2008 in New York

Mind Control through a Joystick!

Start Time: Friday 10:00 PM
Location: Arlene's Grocery at 95 Stanton St (between Orchard and Ludlow)
# of players: 4 players
Duration: 10-15 minutes per game
Designers: Charlie Hoyt

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a character in a video game? Have you ever played a video game and thought, what if this person I am controlling were real? Humatar allows players to experience these concepts using wireless headphones, soft-ball toy guns, and video game controllers.

On one deep level, Humatar explores concepts of control, submission, violence, and aggression. But at heart - and most importantly - the game is a FUN experience!

Come out and Play Humatar!

The Rules

  1. Two players don wireless headphones and pick up Nerf guns - these are the AVATARS.
  2. Two players pick up Xbox controllers - these are the GAMERS.
  3. The referee starts the software and the equipment is tested.
  4. The players take their positions on the edges of the playing area.
  5. The referee scatters the Nerf ammunition around the play area.
  6. The GAMERS, using the Xbox controllers, direct the AVATARS to the ammunition. The AVATARS follow the instructions in their headphones.
  7. The GAMERS direct the AVATARS to pick up the ammunition and then to shoot it at the opposing player.
  8. If the AVATAR misses in his or her shot at the opposing AVATAR, the player can be redirected to pick up the ammunition for another attempt.
  9. The first person to shoot the opposing player three times wins.
  10. The referee has ultimate say in all game related decisions.
  11. If enough points for a win havenít been scored after ten minutes, the game is declared a tie and ends.
  12. Commands triggered by the Xbox controllers include FORWARD, RIGHT, LEFT, STOP, RELOAD, JUMP, SHOOT.

Bio: Charlie Hoyt
Charlie Hoyt is an Aural Interaction Designer with years of experience in audio work for all forms of media in both virtual and physical spaces.

Charlie's interest in interactive audio began in 2003 with the creation of MESS and ToneBeast -- Flash artwork that was featured at the Indiana IDEAS fest in 2004. At the same time, he began working on audio for video games. Charlie went on to pioneer works in the meatspace that rely on audio as their primary feature: several forms of Shufflesition (game/art/dance/fun!) in collaboration with Andrew Bucksbarg, which were included at the 2006 Come out and Play festival in New York, NY, the 2006 Perform.Media festival in Bloomington, Indiana, the 2007 Sound Walk in Long Beach, California, and the A/V PLAY! exhibition at Sea and Space in Los Angeles, California.

Soon after, Charlie created Humatar, a physical-space game which was run at the 2007 Ludium conference in Bloomington, Indiana, and the 2008 PlayExpo in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Charlie's glad to bring Humatar to Come out and Play 2008! In addition to his games and artwork, Charlie is employed as a Sound Designer in the Chicago area. More information can be found at

There is no need to sign-up for Humatar. It will be first-come, first-served at the Festival Opening.

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