The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2007 in Amsterdam

Now with balls!

Location: CO&P HQ at Westergasfabriek
#of players: 30
Duration: 40 minutes

CounterSquirt is the the squad-based game of water gun tactics. Prepare to get wet!

In this big game, you will compete in teams to find and escort specific targets back to headquarters while running the gauntlet of other teams looking to ambush you. It's a fast-paced game harking back to childhood days. CounterSquirt offers the chance for a little tactics and a lot of water gun rampages.

Goal of the game
Score the most points in 1 hour

How to score points

  • Shoot another player and turn in their armband = 1 point
  • Escort a VIP back to the headquarters: The Traitor = 5, The Informant = 10, The Scientist = 15 points
How to Play
Shooting and being shot
  • You can shoot players from other teams
  • If you shoot a player they must give you their armband.
  • Players with no armbands are out of the game and cannot shoot anyone or escort anyone until they return to HQ and get a new armband.
  • Each armband you turn in is worth 1 point.
Escorting VIPs
  • When the game starts you must try and find the VIPs.
  • Find a VIP and escort them back to the HQ without getting shot.
  • Once you escort a VIP to the HQ, your team receives their points
  • After scoring, the VIP must be allowed to return to their starting position.
  • You must touch the VIP on the arm to gain control of them.
The Arms Race - getting better water guns
  • During the game you can turn in armbands for more powerful Supersoakers
  • A Supersoaker costs 6 armbands

  • Want to know the score? Go to HQ

Designers: Mattia Romeo and Greg Trefry