The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2006 in New York City

Spy Text
The Diplomat and his team have a Spy in their midst, and the race is on to uncover who it is before the Spy bumps off the Diplomat and steals the always-important briefcase.

Location: Central Park
# of players: 12-20 players
Duration: 30 minutes

Among the players, one is randomly chosen as the Diplomat, one as the Spy, and the rest are Citizens. The Diplomat and the Citizens have to discover who the Spy in 30 minutes or before the Spy eliminates the Diplomat. Official Ruleset

Upon arrival, players gather around HQ (located at the Conversatory Water, Central Park by 5th and 72nd) to register with their name and cell #. Players are assigned an Agent # in the form of a sticker. Stickers go on the lower back, and may not be covered up.

Everyone receives an envelope which contains the following:

  • A list of 10 locations for that round, and how many points each is worth.
  • An information sheet telling them what role they are, some tips for playing, and what their Contact # is for texting.

The envelopes are opened after a review of the game rules. The Diplomat announces himself/herself, he picks two bodyguards, HQ gives out the Diplomatís number, and then the game clock officially starts.

Citizens solve clues around the park to earn points. When the citizens earn 15 points total, they will be supplied with the identity of the Spy. The citizens must tell the Diplomat the identity, who will in turn tell HQ to win the game. If the identity that the Diplomat supplies is incorrect, the Spy wins.

The Spy must not allow any other player to know that they are the spy. The Spy will be given a contact # with HQ so they make ďkillĒ other players by spending kill points. The Spy earns the first kill point by texting HQ at their earliest convenience. A new kill point is awarded every five minutes. Additional kill points can be earned by solving the citizensí puzzles (though these answers will not help/hurt the citizensí points).

The Spy cannot kill the Diplomat as long as the bodyguards are within an armís reach of him. To kill the Diplomat, the Spy must remove the bodyguards either by killing them or tricking them. If the Spy kills the Diplomat, the Spy wins the game.

The Diplomat has the option of locating an Informant in the park, which will help find the identity of the Spy.

During the game, players may only communicate with each other by talking to each other (or shouting across the park), but they all may text the Diplomat through their phones. Likewise, the Diplomat is allowed to pass messages between players (after he/she has met the Informant) and coordinate how they move, as well as help out with any puzzles the players may run into at a location.

The Diplomat may also text HQ at any time to find out how many points he and his team have, how many Citizens (if any) have been killed, and how much time is left by the official clock.

If a bodyguard is killed, the Diplomat may request a new one by texting HQ with the Agent number of the player he wants as a replacement. HQ will alert the player of this, but the player must be within armís reach of the Diplomat for it to take affect, so they may have to hustle to get there. If the player has already been knocked off, the Diplomat will be notified of this.

Designers: Matt Plotecher, Dustin Dex Smither, Linh Pham, Jason Hare, Jen Williams

plots (at) strangeunlimited (dot) com