The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2006 in New York City

Sonic Body Pong
Play the classic video game Pong - minus the screen! Youíll be on the court, using your sense of hearing to track the ball and your body as the paddle to hit it!

Location: Eyebeam
# of players: 2
Duration: 5-7 minutes

Sonic Body Pong is based on Atariís classic video game Pong, a table tennis based game in which two players control paddles and attempt to hit a ball back and forth on a screen-based court. Sonic Body Pong takes place in real space, with the players using their bodies as paddles. The ball is experienced by the players purely through sound. They hear a spatially accurate soundscape which is determined by both the orientation of their heads and their position on the court. They must determine where to move their body based on the sound of the approaching ball.

Designers: David Hindman, Spencer Kiser, Tikva Morowati

David Hindman
David Hindman is a musician and alternative video game interfacer. Since obtaining is M.M. from Yale University in classical guitar performance, David has turned his attention to technology and is exploring ways of blending digital media with traditional art forms. He recently graduated from ITP at NYU where he developed methods for interfacing video games with musical instruments. He is co-founder of the Modal Kombat guitar duo, which has recently performed guitar-controlled video game battles in New York, Paris, and Los Angeles.


Spencer Kiser
Spencer Kiser is a New York based sound artist and interface designer. He recently graduated from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, where he focused on developing alternative interfaces and assistive technology for the visually impaired. His recent work includes the Sonic Window location-tracking headphones, spinCycle, a color-tracking turntable sequencer, and the Sonictroller, a musical video game controller.


Tikva Morowati
Tikva Morowati is a designer and researcher concerned with technology mediated, human to human interactions. Her work reflects an interest in social networks, creating intimacy and community, ambient pervasive computing that augments placeness, and games. A graduate of the NYU Film School, sheís an award-winning filmmaker. She also ran her own successful business as a concert producer, hooking up popular New York venues such as the Knitting Factory and Northsix. Her genius as a social matchmaker has become a great resource for the creative and tech communities. She is currently pursuing her Masterís Degree at NYUís Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).