The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2006 in New York City

A Master Criminal is loose in New York City. You must track him down and capture him.

Location: Eyebeam
# of players: 3-7 players to a team. Up to 5 teams.
Duration: 2 hours

Using just your wits (and your camera-phone), your team of investigators will solve mysteries and track down clues to catch the Master Criminal. Fame and glory (and some free beer tickets) are yours - if youíre a good enough SLEUTH.

Sleuth will be played for 1-2 hours from 14th St. to 42nd St. The game uses SMS text messaging to allow the players to communicate with each other, get "clues" and solved challenges that help them locate the Master Criminal! Bring your SMS-enabled cell phone, a nose for strategy, and some fun friends for a couple hours of fast-paced fun! Official Ruleset

The official rules will be distributed at the start of the game. The basic tenants are outlined below:

  1. Make your private investigative agencies (your group of players) and get them signed up to communicate via groups!
  2. Get your first challenge, and race off to various locations around the city to solve it.
  3. Once youíve solved your first challenge, use our patented HotíN'Cold SMS technology to see if youíre getting closer or father away from the Criminal, and hunt him down. Once youíve found him (heís the one wearing an orange shirt and holding an umbrella), take a picture to prove you got him and receive FREE BEER tickets in return!

If at any time you have any problems with joining groups, deciphering clues, or even if you just get lost, feel free to send an SMS message to asking for help. Weíll be there the whole game to help make sure you find your way and have a great time!!

Designers: Joshua Klein, Joshua Knowles, Steve Bull and Kalin Mintchev

Josh and Josh are a couple of graduate students at NYUís ITP program. We eat, breath, and sleep Sugarcandy. Steve and Kalin are the masterminds behind Cutlass, providers of branded cell phone entertainment.