The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2006 in New York City

Operation: Mission: Over Under Sideways Down
A thrilling 4-hour espionage game in which you solve clues, retrieve & hide information from other agents, and compete to solve the mystery to win the prize. Youíll piece together maps, match wits, and lurk in shadows - like youíve never done before.

Location: Midtown Manhattan
# of players: Max 30 teams, made of 1-2 players each
Duration: 4 hours

This is a spy game involving riddles, clues, information exchanges between teams, and espionage to achieve the final goal of being the one team to retrieve the top secret documents and prize. Teams may consist of one or two agents. In addition, there will be counter agents (working for Metro Metro) that will act to mislead and misinform the agents participating in the game. The first half of the game will take place aboveground on the streets of Midtown Manhattan, and the second half of the game will take place underground, in the subway system. The sole winning team will be the one who deciphers all the clues, gathers the necessary information, and is the first to retrieve the final documents.

The agents will receive dossiers with instructions and articles of espionage to help them trade information with other agents in their quest to solve the mystery. There will be obstacles, dead ends, and sinister characters along the way.

Afterward, there will be an informal, non-mandatory briefing in a bar somewhere to be determined . . . Official Ruleset

  1. Show up at the starting rendezvous on Sunday, September 24, at 9:30 AM. (Exact location will be sent to you in the secret briefing document, AKA: an email.)
  2. Acquire your dossier for the day from the rendezvous. Itíll be a packet of information.
  3. The dossier will have some instructions. Follow them.
  4. To win the game, youíll have to interact with other agents to obtain crucial information. Share as much as you like and be as sneaky as you want, but remember that youíre relying on other agents sharing with you, too.
  5. That said, beware of enemy agents and false information. Make sure youíre careful about what you give and what you get . . .
  6. Donít tamper with the clues!
  7. Be the first to decipher all the clues and race off to claim the final prize. Thatís how you win. Only one team will win.
  8. Have fun. Thatís the main goal of the mission.
  9. Whining will not be tolerated.

Designers: Metro Metro is Bo Bigelow, Brady Richards, Will Sakran

Bo, Brady, and Will have been designing urban games and events since 2002. Our events include scavenger hunts (both for Metro Metro fans and corporate clients), spy games, social experiments, trivia nights, bar nights, and holiday parties. Our events have been covered by CBS radio, The New York Times, and Time Out New York.