The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2006 in New York City

Manhattan MEGAPutt
Manhattan MEGAPutt is a gigantic game of mini golf, played in Manhattan’s beautiful East Village. Teams of three battle each other, designed game hazzards, and naturally occurring hazards such as cabbies, skate punks, and pedestrians as they navigate a par 1000 course.

Location: Starts at East 7th and Ave A, at Tompkins Sq Park and ends in Union Square.
# of players: 3 players to a team
Duration: The entire game should take about an hour and a half to play per team, with teams starting every five minutes or so.

Manhattan MEGAPutt is a citywide game of mini-golf, played on a grand scale. Invented by Dave Warth and Dustin D’Addato, two veterans of the New York underground comedy and improv scenes, MEGAPutt will take teams of three through a madcap route celebrating New York’s east village, and the sport, nay, the art, that is Mini Golf. Beginning at the East end of Tompkins Square Park, and ending at the North end of Union Square Park, MMP will keep its players excited and on their toes with constant hazards designed especially for the players by Dustin and Dave, as well as those an ever-shifting urban landscape will provide. It promises to be a ton of fun!

There will be official rules pertaining to each hole on the day of the game, however, here are some basic guidelines to follow.

  1. BE CAREFUL. MEGAPutt should be a ton of fun, but it’ll be a lot less so if you should happen to run into something or someone pointy.
  2. By playing you assume all risks that one might reasonably assume to encounter playing a game of mini putt on city streets. We’ll have people there to try to help, but they can’t keep you safe if you run into the street or the aforementioned pointy things.
  3. Never raise your club above waist height and always check behind you before swinging. Your ref may impose stroke penalties at his or her discretion if you fail to keep this in mind.
  4. Be cool, and try to keep your ball out of the street on street holes. Should it go into the street accidentally, you may recover it without penalty. Do not play balls in the street, and wait for traffic to clear before recovering. If you do not feel you can safely recover your ball, or if your ball gets ruined by a passing car or pointy thing, your ref will have extras.

Designers: Dave Warth, Dustin D’Addato

Dave Warth starting doing stuff like this in Boston with ImprovBoston. Since moving to New York, Dave has worked with Improv Everywhere and the Upright Citizens Brigade, performed in a variety of sketch and improv troupes, and is now an ensemble member of the Magnet Theater. His work has toured extensively, including North Carolina and Atlanta, and his critically acclaimed duo, Warth&Todd, has headlined the San Francisco Improv Festival.


Active in the New York Comedy scene for many years, Dustin is a founding member of the sketch group, Your Mom, director and co-founder of Skeeger, and head/writer/director/co-founder and producer of the group The Resistance. Most often, Dustin can be seen performing in New York’s underground stand-up circuit, and hosting a weekly stand-up/variety show called Poker Night. When not onstage, Dustin works as a writer/associate producer for NBC and as a freelance video editor.