The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

Come Out & Play 2006 in New York City

Ghost Engines in the Sky
Ghost Engines is a live-action roleplaying game of existential horror, loosely set in the western horror world of the tabletop RPG Deadlands.

Location: Around New York City
#of players: 15-30
Duration: 4 hours

Ghost Engines in the Sky is a live-action roleplaying game (LARP). A LARP is a game similar to an improvisational theatre piece. Players take the role of specific characters, and play by acting as that character through the course of the event. Players converse, move around, and make decisions as their character throughout the game space, using an abstract game system to represent actions (physical, violent, mystical) that otherwise cannot be acted out in the real world.

The Setting: You wake up on a train with a pocket full of strange bills. You donít remember how you got here, and the conductor just smiles eerily when you ask where youíre heading. The strangely familiar faces around you hint at something youíve forgotten, some sour deal that someone will have to pay for when this train pulls into its final station. And with each stop, youíre more convinced that someone will be you.

Ghost Engines in the Sky is an experiment in tragic work in the existential horror vein, which means that the content is mature, and all does not necessarily end well. The setting is based in the Deadlands universe of supernatural western horror. The story and system are original. Be warned: this is a dark, dark ride.

Designers: Nick Fortugno

Nick is the Director of Game Design at New York City-based Gamelab. He was inducted into role-playing life at the age of five, and has been an avid consumer and producer of role-playing, live-action, and game culture ever since. Most notably, he founded and ran the Seasons of Darkness group, a 5 1/2 year live action project which was featured on Showtime, in addition to writing for role-playing titles including Silver-Age Sentinels . Nick has also collaborated with Frank Lantz and Katie Salen on a commission to design a large scale urban game for the citizens of St. Paul and Minneapolis, which was played as part of the Twin Cities Design Celebration in fall 2003. In his academic guise, Nick teaches Game Design at Parsons School of Design, and holds an Adjunct Teaching position at Bronx Community College, where he teaches developmental and compositional English. In his spare time, Nick studies classical guitar, apprentices in Tíai Chi, and subjects more hapless players to his role-playing/art experiments.