The Come Out and Play Festival is a street games fesitval dedicated to exploring new styles of games and play.

New Ways to Play

Our Mission

The Come Out & Play Festival seeks to provide a forum for new types of public games and play. We want to bring together a public eager to rediscover the world around them through play with designers interested in producing innovative new games and experiences.

Oh yeah, and we want to have city-size fun.

City-Wide Games

In 2006 the Come Out & Play Festival turned New York City into a playground for a weekend, then did the same for the city of Amsterdam in 2007. We returned home to NYC in 2008. And 2009. And 2010. Over the years, thousands of players have gathered to play dozens of city-wide games. Players raced through the night in a city-wide game of zombie tag. Friends faced off in life-sized Pong using only their ears to "hear" the ball. (Papier-mache) pigeons were pummeled with wiffleball bats. Bicyclists armed with spray chalk and stencils competed to claim and build bike lanes. Strangers worked together to build and race blindly through labyrinths as part of a ancient lost sport. Payphones produced points, and Tompkins Square Park became a putt-putt course. And it's all just the beginning.

A Global Community

The Come Out & Play Festival wouldn't be possible without help from the growing community of people interested in street games. We'd love to have your help in making the festival a success. Tell your friends about us, create and run a game at the festival, volunteer at the festival, sign up to play games, blog about us, ask your company to sponsor us, or start a similar festival in your hometown.

The Organizers

The festival is actually run by people we swear.

Greg Trefry - Director (NYC)
Catherine Herdlick - Director (SF)
Nick Fortugno
Mattia Romeo
Peter Lee

Mailing List
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General Information
e: gtrefry(@)comeoutandplay(.)org
p: 646-807-8131

Partnerships and San Francisco
e: cherdlick(@)comeoutandplay(.)org
p: 917-821-3078

Come Out & Play Festival
113 Carroll St, #3
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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